Ramon Soler

The firm of Ramon Soler was established in Barcelona in 1890. Four generations of entrepreneurs have now helped to steer the company, transforming it from a small metallurgy workshop into an international enterprise. Ramon Soler has always designed its own tapware mechanisms (mixer cartridges, thermostats, heads and diverters.). The company researches into new production systems, designing new fittings to make installation safe, secure and easy creating trend-setting design lines. As a result, our R+D+I department has developed more than 115 patents. This is a company philosophy deeply rooted in the past, projecting Ramon Soler into the future.

COMFORT Precision products, noiseless, ergonomic, strong and durable.

SAFETY Ensuring the safety of our tapware forms part of our responsibility and commitment to society

ECOEFFICIENCY Ensuring efficiency in water and energy consumption is a collective responsibility.

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